Panel 1: Wide shot of Mike and Lisa walking outside in the evening.
Mike: What a nice night for a stroll! People say New York is a crazy city, but it’s peaceful moments like these that prove them wrong.
Panel 2: Medium on Lisa and Mike. They see a squirrel run by them.
Panel 3: Now a whole bunch of squirrels run by!
Panel 4: Now the mutant hamster runs by, chasing the squirrels, and shouting “”SQUIRREL!””
Panel 5: A whole gaggle of protestors stampedes by! Signs read as follows: Go back to Richard Gere/ Save the Squirrels/ Stop the Hamster/ Squirrels aren’t Hamster food!/ And a NO sign over a picture of the mutant hamster
Panel 6: Lisa and Mike are quite bedraggled at this point.
Lisa: So…home?
Mike: Yeah. Home.