Panel 1: Close up on Chloe controlling the mouse.
Chloe: When your feet didn’t reach the pedals, I was so worried we wouldn’t make the raid.
Panel 2: Wider shot of Chloe. We see the back of the computer monitor in the foreground.
Chloe: It’s too bad you permanently attached our one working computer to the bike power.
Panel 3: We’re looking over Chloe’s shoulder so we see the back of her head and the monitor in front of her.
Chloe: But I’m glad you realized we couldn’t possibly miss our chance to hone our death knight tanking skills.
Panel 4: Reveal Bink beside her in front of the keyboard. He’s pedaling the bike by hand and is very tired.
Bink: Yeah…I’m so…*pant* glad…*pant* you thought *pant* of doing it *pant* this way…

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