“Panel 1: Close up of an excited Chloe.
Chloe: Lisa! Mike!
Panel 2: Lisa and Mike are their computers, looking back at Chloe and Bink.
Chloe: We were digitized! We were in the computer!
Panel 3: Close up of Bink
Bink: I made an app that eats social networks, and it ate our WoW account, but then it digitized us, so we summoned your shadow priest and she one-shotted it! We got our WoW account back and now everything’s all good!
Panel 4: Lisa is shooing the cats away dismissively.
Lisa: Um, ok, that sounds really…exciting. Now run alond and play.
Panel 5: Mike and Lisa back at their computers, playing.
Mike: Have you been putting catnip in their food again?
Lisa: Why is my shadow priest wearing a Tron helmet?”