I know Google has since corrected some of their privacy snafus regarding their new Google Buzz social network thingamading, but I still love Molly Wood’s rant on the matter.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Chloe and Bink are sitting on the couch. Bink has a laptop.
Chloe: Hey Bink, wanna play our Druid?
Bink (engrossed in laptop work): Not now Chloe. I'm coding a new anti-social-networking tool.
Panel 2: Close up on Bink
Bink: It's called Buzz Off. Once you sign up it deletes all your social network accounts across the web. It's the ultimate tool in privacy protection and web-hermitry.
Panel 3: Back shot of both of the cats.
Chloe: Impressive. Where did you learn to engineer social networks?
Bink: Some Google employees were talking shop on Google Buzz and didn't know I was following them.