I’m experimenting with how I draw the human characters this week.


↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Lisa is at her computer.
Lisa (typing): Hi Jenny! What are you up to?
Panel 2: We see an iChat exchange between Jenny and Lisa.
Jenny (through chat): Oh just checking the exchange.
Lisa: Exchange?
Jenny: Auction house! I mean Auction house. Gotta go!
Panel 3: Mike is in the foreground and Lisa approaches in the background.
Lisa (hands on hips, puzzled): That's weird. Jenny just called the auction house the "exchange." What's that about?
Mike (very serious): This can only mean one thing.
Panel 4: Mike grabs Lisa by the shoulders. The room is darkly lit, reminiscent of noir films. Light from a window is cast on the wall.
Mike (to Lisa): Lisa, I think Jenny defected to Star Trek Online.
Lisa (hand on forehead in distress): No!!!