↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Bink approaches from the doorway while Bink is held to the ground by mice in the foreground. The ring leader mouse wears leg warmers and wields a purple gymnast ribbon.
Bink (angrily): Hold it right there you crazy gymnast-ribbon-wielding cultist mouse!
Panel 2: Bink's eyes glow and he grabs the purple ribbon.
Bink: Time to get Death Knighted.
Panel 3 (under panel 2): The mouse and ribbon fly through the air.
Panel 4 (under panel 3): Bink holds the mouse tightly now and grins. Deathgrip!
Panel 5: Bink holds a n ice cube to the mouse's head. Icy Touch!
Panel 6: Bink breathes his green stinky cat breath at the remaining mice. Pestilence!
Panel 7: All the mice are down for the count and have turned green. Chloe hugs Bink.
Chloe: Bink! You saved me! Can you ever forgive me for being so naive?
Bink: There, there, Chloe. You can't help your own stupidity.