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Bink (at desk): I don't need that mouse-lover to help me play World of Warcraft!
Bink (wagging his tail): My kitty paws may not be that dexterous, but I have one thing humans don't - a tail!
Bink (thoughtfully trying to navigate the log-in page with his tail): Ok, let's just navigate to the log-in screen here...
Bink (annoyed): What!? I can't log on? Ooh, I bet that traitor Chloe is logged into our account already...
Reveal Chloe in another room, playing WoW on a laptop on the floor. She controls the computer mouse while actual mice are on the keyboard, doing jumping jacks.)
Chloe (facepalming): Come on guys. Doing jumping jacks on the keyboard is not gonna help our DPS numbers on this raid.