↓ Transcript
Chloe stands among the mice, wearing her pink leotard and leg warmers and mouse ears.
Chloe (to Bink, whose in the foreground): Bink! You weren't supposed to find out this way.
Close on Bink.
Bink (forehead pulsing with anger): Aerobics with mice!? You're a disgrace to feline deathknights everywhere!
We see a sillohuette of Bink holding two mice by their tails in the foreground. Chloe is in the background looking on.
Chloe (horrified): Bink, wait. Bink, what are you doing?! Stop!
We see Bink holding one mouse now, and a tail sticking out of his mouse. Frightened mice scatter in the foreground.
Bink (tongue out, munching on a mouse): Eww, these mice are all muscle and sinew. You guys should cut down on the aerobics.
Chloe (arms up in shock): What have you done?!