↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Mike is sleeping. There's a glowing light to the right.
Panel 2 (smaller and inset in panel 1): Mike opens one eye toward the light.
Panel 3: Mike sits up. Lisa is using her laptop, which is where the light is coming from. Her eyes are closed.
Mike: Lisa? Are you...sleep-WoWing?
Panel 4 (under panel 3)
Mike (leaning over to see what Lisa's doing): Hey, you're raiding on your shadow priest - and you're actually doing really well!
Panel 5: Lisa is a awakened by a loud "Chloe" shout from the other room.
Panel 6:
Lisa: What? Why am I in ICC? Oops, wiped the raid.
Mike (facepalming): I don't even want to know what those cats are up to.