↓ Transcript
Chloe gorges herself on turkey livers while reclining on a luxe pink cushion. She has a martini glass of blood at her side. Bink looks from afar.
Bink (to self): Chloe eats as many turkey livers as I do...why isn't she getting fat?
Close up on Bink
Bink (scheming): I have to get to the bottom of this.
Later that night. A silouhette of fat Bink tip toes down a dark hallway towards a doorway. Music and light come from the doorway.
Super close up on Bink's wide eyes.
Bink: *Gasp*
Bink peers through the door, schocked. We don't know what he sees, but we can see strange mouse-like shadows cast against the wall.
Bink (to self): The horror....the horror...