She really did go to therapy. She needed to talk about her Toxic Guilt.

↓ Transcript
Chloe is on a stool, talking to Lisa, who's sitting at the computer desk. Bink sits lower.
Chloe (to Lisa): Let's take a break from the shadow priest lessons and move on to your resto druid. You can't heal.
Lisa (distressed): But last time I played her I wound up in therapy!
Chloe (shushing Lisa): Shh! It's ok. You have us now.
Lisa: Mmph. That's not very comforting.
Chloe: First things first. Let's change your dps meter to a healing meter.
Lisa (eager): So all I have to do is make sure my heal numbers are crazy high and I'll be the best healer in all of Azeroth, huh?
Chloe and Bink exchange a look.
Chloe (taking control of the computer mouse): Uninstalling healing meter.