I couldn’t resist doing this with fat Bink. Oh, and you know this isn’t the first time Bink’s been painted. Check out “It’s Not Easy…” and “Trick or Mice.” It’s also not the first time the kitties have complained about Tuesday WoW downtime!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Bink is painting himself orange.
Panel 2: Bink is now completely orange and is painting black stripes on himself.
Panel 3: Bink is now an overweight orange tabby with black stripes, just like Garfield.
Bink: I hate Tuesdays!
Chloe enters, wearing Odie ears.
Chloe: Psst! It's Mondays! Garfield hates Mondays!
Bink (arms crossed): Well if he played World of Warcraft he'd hate Tuesdays instead!
Lisa enters, drawn like Jon Arbuckle.
Lisa: Anybody wanna polka?