↓ Transcript
Chloe (drawing): Don't be ridiculous, Bink. All that taurine has been driving you mad.
Bink (extremely worried): No, really! I thought it was a dream, but then Lisa's chicken pet in WoW had these glwoing red eyes. I swear, it was gonna eat my brains!
Bink (scared, to Chloe): Chloe! Zombie Chickens are after us!
Chloe (coy): What would a bird want with a bird brain?
Suddenly the lights are dim and two giant glowing chickens appear before our two frightened feline heroes!
The last panel reveals Mike and Lisa. A tiny zombie chicken head peer from behind them. The cats run screaming.
Mike (holding a projector): I knew this old projector would come in handy.
Lisa (to Mike): You're so cruel.