↓ Transcript
Bink is stuffing his face with tasty chicken hearts. Two red-eyed chickens watch him from behind.
The chickens attack him, pecking his head!
Zombie Chicken: Cat brainnnsss!
Bink (covering his head): Aaaaah! Zombie chickens!
Bink awakens. He's curled up and all seems well.
Bink: Whoa, what a crazy dream.
Bink goes to see what Lisa is up to.
Bink: Whatca doing Lisa?
Lisa (facing computer): Oh, just playing with my Westfall Chicken in WoW, see? He's so cute!
Bink runs out, terrified.
Bink: AAAAaaahhh!
Lisa (looking back at Bink): What's his problem?
A zombie chicken appears in the window.