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Bink (to Lisa, whose at the computer): Lisa, we're going to try a gentler approach to your shadow priest lessons today. Immersion.
Chloe (to Lisa): Queue up for a random heroic. You'll only learn by doing.
Lisa: Ok, I'm in. It's Gundrak.
Bink: Immerse yourself in the experience. Become one with your shadow priest.
Lisa: Um...
Chloe (eyes closed, hands out, in zen-like trance): No it's "Um", it's "Ommm."
Bink (pointing with one arm, gesturing to self with the other, back arched inward.): Reach into your shadowy soul and unleash your Vampiric Touch on that snake.
Chloe (zen-like trance): Ommm..
Lisa: Now they're verbally abusing me for meleeing the snake. You said this would be gentle!
Bink (paws on hips): Vampiric Touch doesn't mean you actually touch him! It has a 30 yard range!
Chloe (zen-like trance): Ommm...