Happy New Year everyone! I predict that one of the above is not just wishful thinking and will actually happen this year. (Excluding the hover text.)

↓ Transcript
Chloe is standing on top of a radiator in front of the window. Lisa, Mike, Jenny, and Bill are seated on the couch to the right of Chloe. At the far right is Bink, standing on an end table.
Chloe (pondering): I wonder what 2010 will bring.
Lisa (looking at her Kindle): Color e-readers and DRM-free ebooks!
Mike (playing Xbox): Project Natal!
Jenny (looking evil and sexy): Cataclysm will swallow up the gnomes in a fiery death!
Bill (holding his iPhone): World of Warcraft playable on the iPhone!
Bink (looking sinister): Revolution in genetic engineering leading to multi-heart chickens with added taurine!