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Bink (to Lisa): So it's great and all that you're grinding your own alts now instead of making us do it.
Chloe (to Lisa): But the thing is, we miss those tasty organ meats we use to get as compensation for our services.
Lisa (at computer, playing WoW): grumble priest grumble grumble
Bink (to Lisa): And we've noticed that you're not very good at anything but your rogue.
Chloe (eyes rolling, aside): Yeah, you've really mastered the sinister strike spamming combat rogue.
Bink (to Lisa): So we'd like to offer you a new service.
Chloe (to Lisa): A class tutoring service.
Lisa (looking back at the cats.): Class tutoring service? Sounds very....advanced.
Bink (to Lisa): It is. We read you internet guides and jump on you if you start humiliating yourself, and you give us three chicken hearts an hour.
Chloe (to Lisa): Each.