I actually wrote this long before Mike Schramm announced that he’s leaving WoW.com and the WoW Insider podcast. So this became more of a tribute than just a reference. His greeting to the chat channel during the podcast stream earned him a lot of good-natured ribbing. I’m very honored that I could be a guest while both he and Turpster were still on it. They’ll be very missed!

↓ Transcript
The cats are podcasting, Bink with his mic, and Chloe at her keyboard.
Bink: Time for another episode of the Two Blue Cats Cast, a World of Warcraft Podcast by your two favorite podcats. I'm Bink, and with me is as always is my cohost, Chloe!
Bink: And for the first time ever we're joined by a cat chat channel! Hooowwwsss it going everybody in the cat chat channel?
Bink: Time for Kitty Tips! Kitty Tip number one: When setting out on a quest, never forget to -
The cats stop what they're doing and look wide eyed off to the right.
The cats are stuck to the window.
Chloe (annoyed): - Never forget to shut the window curtains, lest you get distracted by a squirrel.
Squirrel (escaping, outside the window): Suckas!