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Lisa (at computer, annoyed): Ugh, I can't believe these jokers I'm pugging my priest with expect me to do all this dumb priesty stuff like buffing, dispelling, and levitating.
Lisa: And now they kicked me just cuz I was auto-attacking the boss with a dagger?! Lame!
Close on Lisa's eyes looking to the left.
Bink and Chloe leap in, with red capes.
Bink and Chloe: Intervention Cats!
There's a scuffle as the "Intervention Cats" collide with Lisa.
Lisa (pinned to the ground by the cats: Intervention cats?
Bink (on Lisa's arm): Stop QQing about a class you didn't bother to learn!
Chloe (on Lisa's back): Stop playing your priest like a rogue!