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Lisa (smiling, to cats): Chloe, Bink. I have something to tell you. I've been playing the latest Zelda nintendo DS game. it reminds me of something I forgot long ago.
Lisa (clasped hands, eyes closed): It reminds me that games are fun when you have to work at them, that you're rewarded when you solve the little puzzles they throw at you, that a sense of satisfaction comes with meeting challenges head on.
Bink (aside to Chloe): Is this going somewhere?
Lisa (deject, to cats): Furthermore, it has come to my attention that you resent me for utilizing your alt-leveling services.
Chloe (aside to Bink): Now she's starting to make sense.
Lisa (fired up): Thus, I've decided to earn my own way through WoW. Hand over that priest, kitties! I've got some, um, shadow-flaying spell thingies to cast.
Chloe's face in paws.
Bink (to Chloe): This should be fun to watch.