↓ Transcript
Bink standing with mic. Chloe seated at keyboard.
Bink to mic: Today we're streaming live and taking your calls! Our first caller is "Scuzzfibbet." Hi Scuzzfibbet! What's your question?
Scuzzfibbet from laptop: Well I've been playing a human warlock for a few years now. Lately I get the feeling from all the podcasts and websites out there that humans are for noobs or 12-year-olds. But I'm 36 and a pretty accomplished raider. What gives?
Close on Bink
Bink to mic: Um yeah, Scuzzfibbet, hellOOOO! Play a human if you want to commit social suicide. Humans are so 2005. Right now it's all about Tauren and Orcs. If you simply MUST play Alliance, play a dwarf. My advice? Order up a race change, and preferably a faction change, PRONTO.
Medium on Bink and Chloe
Scuzzfibbet from laptop: But, it's a fantasy game. Why should I get grief for playing a character I like?
Chloe to Bink: He has a good point.
Bink angrily to mic: It's not about YOU Scuzzfibbet!