↓ Transcript
Bink in foreground with mic. Chloe in background seated at keyboard.
Bink to mic: Welcome to the second episode of Two Blue Cats Cast! The World of Warcraft podcast by your two blue podcats. Today we're streaming live and taking your questions!
Chloe stricken, to Bink: struh-streaming luh-live?
Same staging, but Chloe zips behind keyboard.
Bink to mic: That's right Chloe! We're streaming live and unedited for our loyal listeners!
Chloe not in shot anymore. Bink's pupils turned to Chloe's keyboard.
Bink to Chloe: Chloe?
Bink is standing under keyboard, looking down at Chloe, who is laying on the floor with her arms over her head.
Bink to Chloe: Get over your stagefright, you sissy. Taking live questions is the only way we can fill the airtime. Picture the listeners naked. Isn't that supposed to help?
Chloe making gross out face: Eew, Troggkilla naked?