↓ Transcript
Bink walking in with laptop under arm. Chloe seated.
Bink, to Chloe: Come on Chloe, time to record another podcast!
Chloe, to Bink: Record it for who, Bink? My musical stylings are too intellectual for the masses, and nobody cares about your Azerothian social kitty justice these days.
Close on Bink and Chloe
Bink to Chloe: For our fans, that’s who! We got emails!
Chloe to Bink: Emails?
Wide on Bink and Chloe
Bink reading from laptop: Yep, like this one from “Troggkilla.” “Hey cats, great show. I need your advice. I have fifty gnome warlocks. Should I round that number out to an even hundred, or should I start making mages? Gnome ones of course.”
Chloe head in hands, depairing: Are they all this looney?