I wonder if something similar has happened in WoW. It’s happened IRL. A woman was fired for using all caps and red lettering her company emails.

↓ Transcript
Jenny on mic. Lisa about to put a cupcake in her mouth.
Jenny To Lisa over mic: Lisa, my guild just kicked me! All I did was say "No thanks guys" when they asked me if I wanted to go terrorize level ones with train emotes and empty brew bottles.
Lisa To Jenny over mic: Was your caps lock on?
Jenny To Lisa over mic: Why should that make a difference?
Close on Lisa
Lisa To Jenny over mic: Jenny, listen. This is very important. "No thanks guys" when typed normally translates into "Oh, no thanks guys, that's super nice of you, but I'm busy leveling up so I can run end game content with you."
Back to each of the girls
Lisa To Jenny over mic: But "NO THANKS GUYS" in all caps translates into "No thanks losers, I'd rather poke my eyes out with a hot branding iron than spend one more second with you noobs."
Jenny To Lisa over mic: Ooooh, no wonder they kicked me!