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Panel 1: Chloe and Bink are at the computer desk, playing.
Bink This gold-farming gets really tedious.
Chloe I know, but we've made like 78,000g and taht equals like, 27 more yummy turkey gizzards.
Bink Don't you ever wish we see more of Azeroth? Do some quests? Experience some content?
Panel 2: Lisa is back, fuming at them.
Chloe (seeing Lisa) Gah! She's back! I thought GTA: Chinatown Wars took longer than that.
Lisa It does, but I just remembered I still need to finish the Children Week's title.
Panel 3: Bink gets out a Portal gun.
Panel 4: Bink throws the Portal gun and Lisa runs after it.
Chloe (to Bink) Was that a Portal gun? Where did you get that?
Bink (back to playing) I have an in at Valve. What should my Deathknight name be? Puppyslayer?