The beginning of this storyline is here. Hopefully I’ll figure out web design soon and get one of those fancy ‘storyline’ pull down menus that other web comics have!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Lisa fumes at her WoW-playing cats.
Bink Ok, you found us out. Yes, we distracted you with a shiny new DSi. And yes, we're farming and selling gold on your WoW account so we can pay for frozen shipments of delicious organ meats and whole rabbit carcasses.
Panel 2: Chloe holds something up, Lisa's eyes get big.
Chloe (holding up a DS game) Ooh, what's this?
Panel 3: Close up reveals that the DS game is Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
Panel 4: Chloe throws the game and Lisa goes chasing after it.
Panel 4: Chloe and Bink have the computer desk to themselves.
Chloe Maybe we should get her a Kindle 2 next time.
Bink I don't think she reads.