Continued from the last 2 comics, Diversion Tactics and Questionable Judgment!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Close up of a furious Lisa
Lisa BAD KITTIES!!! Stop gold farming on my WoW account before Blizzard bans me!
Panel 2: Lisa fumes at the cats as they play WoW. The doorbell rings in the background.
Bink Shouldn't you be playing your DSi?
Panel 3: Lisa answers the door. The delivery man holds up a package.
Delivery man Got an order here for 20 chicken hearts, 14 turkey livers, 9 pheasant gizzards, and 2 whole rabbit carcasses.
Panel 4: Lisa is back in the room with the cats.
Lisa (holding up a bag of organ meat) So THIS is what you need the gold farming money for?
Bink Chicken hearts are an excellent source of taurine.