This is a continuation of last week’s comic, Diversion Tactics.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Mike approaches Lisa as she plays her new DSi.
Mike You got a DSi? I really don't see the point since we already have DS's and iPhones.
Lisa The cats got it for me.
Panel 2:
Mike I don't get it. Where's the innovation? Nintendo is so behind on this. So you can take a picture with a handheld game console. WOOT.
Lisa (annoyed) Shh! I'm listening to my favorite songs sped up while watching Excite Bike footage.
Panel 3:
Mike Whatever. So wait, what? The cats got it for you? Where are they?
Lisa Dunno.
Panel 4: Mike peers in the other room, where the cats are, lit up by the computer screen in front of them.
Bink Is a feral druid too obvious?
Chloe IDK. Don't forget we have to pay off the $169 for the DSi diversion, in addition to our other expenses.
Bink Got it covered.
Panel 5: Mike is back in the room with Lisa.
Mike Ok. The good news is that the cats aren't eating our sweaters anymore. The bad news is they're gold-farming on your WoW account.