Double size this week!

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Bink comes in carrying a shiny new Nintendo DSi in his mouth.
Panel 2: We see Bink with the DSi behind Lisa, who's busy playing WoW at the computer. Chloe looks on from under the desk.
Panel 3: Close up of Lisa looking.
Panel 4: Bink jogs down the hallyway with the DSi. Lisa follows. There's a cupcake picture hanging on the wall.
Lisa (entranced) Ooh, pretty...
Panel 5: Lisa is now laying on the couch with the shiny new DSi. Bink exits frame.
Panel 6: Bink jogs back.
Panel 7: We see both cats at the computer that Lisa left. They're trying to log into her WoW account.
Bink Ok, the DSi plan worked. Quick, what's the password?
Chloe Um, turkeylivers?