Inspired by Spaceman Spiff and the Drakkari Colossus Living Mojo form.

↓ Transcript
Panel 01: A gnome rogue with pink pigtails sneaks around some purple puddles.
Title Satheera dances through the shadows, skillfully bobbing and weaving around the enemy's endless spawn of death puddles.
Panel 2: Close up on Satheera
Title Poised for attack, our cunning heroine shifts her gaze to her rag tag pick up crew.
Panel 3: Wide shot on Satheera in a dungeon with her group mates. They're all standing in purple puddles except for her.
Title To her dismay they pigheadedly stand in the purple pools, seemingly indifferent that their lives are draining with every passing seconds. Her frustration builds.
Panel 4: Reveal that Lisa is standing outside in the rain as strangers give her confused looks.
Lisa For the love of Hodir! GET OUT OF THE PUDDLES!!!
Panel 5: Satheera stands alone in the dungeon amidst the purple pools.
Title Satheera wonders why she is suddenly alone and ponders her escape.