Sometimes I wish I could be as motivated offline as I am online. Great games like WOW certainly do provide a gratifying reward system.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Mike sits reading in the foregroud with the cats. Lisa is in the background, doing yoga. She has a WoW-styled title above her head that reads "Yogini Lisa." Guild name: NPC Comic.
Panel 2: Lisa is painting and now has the title "Lisa Da Vinci." Mike and the cats look on.
Panel 3: Lisa is now outside gardening. Her title reads "Green Thumb Lisa."
Panel 4: Lisa is now at the computer, obsessivley playing WoW. Mike and the cast approach.
Mike What's up with the titles?
Lisa I'm trying to boost my motivation with real life achievement titles.
Mike Does it work?
Lisa Only until I earn each title.