I keep feeling like I should play a healer because we have a shortage on our server and guild. But I know this would be me. I’m not sure the guilt is worth it…

↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Lisa is laying on a chaise lounge. Her therapist is sitting next to her.
Lisa (in tears) They all died! All of them! And it was all my fault! *sob
Panel 2:
Therapist (trying to comfort) There, there dear. It sounds like you've been through a lot, and you shouldn't take on all this toxic guilt. Now let's talk it through. Tell me what happened.
Panel 3: Close up on Lisa's teary eyes
Lisa I finally got my druid to 80, and I spec'd resto because the guild needed another healer. We were just running heroic Nexus. I've done it a hundred times as a rogue. But when we got to the first boss I totally blanked. So many hotkeys! The tank went down. Then we all did, one by one.
Panel 4:
Lisa (holding hands to ears) I can still hear their cries of anguish.. healz!!
Therapist (annoyed) You realize I charge more for video game therapy.