It’s so hard for me to admit to some of my friends what I actually do with my time.  The blank stares I get when I do make me feel creepy.

↓ Transcript
Two women are standing in a bar with drinks.
Jenny: So Lisa, what did you do this weekend?
Lisa imagines the following dialogue in a thought bubble.
Lisa: Well our guild's healer finally hit 80, so we ran her through some dungeons to get geared. Oh and on the way I got exalted with Wyrmrest, so now I have those awesome bracers. I stayed up Saturday night fishing for Mr. Pinchy but gave up around 5am. And Sunday I spent farming for mats and powerleveling my shaman alt!
Jenny: OMG, you're so cool!
Lisa's fantasy of coming clean about she spends her time bursts and she's brought back to reality.
Lisa: Saturday, I uh, ran and 10k and went to a wine bar with friends. Um, Sunday I took a yoga class and, uh...worked in the garden.
Jenny: OMG, you're so cool!
A blue cat holds up a sign pointing at Lisa that says 'Liar."