NPC Comic is a series about the gaming lives of 30-somethings and their cats. It’s part situational comedy, part geeky goodness, and a lot of bizarre feline fantasy. The comic is now over and ran from Feb 2009 until Sep 2016.

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Meet the creator!



I’m Mary. I’m an animator in NYC. I play World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, board games, and Nintendo 3DS games. You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and TumblrI share my post-NPC work on all of those, and some of that includes NPC characters! Sometimes I pop up in my boyfriend John’s podcasts New To You Show and Bored Ghost. I really appreciate the warm and friendly NPC Comic fans I’ve had over the years and I hope you’ll stay in touch. My email is Feel free to friend me on Battle net.



Meet the cast!


A slightly obsessive MMORPG-playing woman. She likes to lead her friends on their in-game missions, but the people around her aren't always on board. She's on a long real-world quest to maintain and repair friendships that she often imperils.

Comics: 301
Recent Appearance: See You Online
First Appearance: Lies


The heavier male half of Lisa’s two blue cats. He used to be determined to bring justice to the oppressed felines of Azeroth and beyond. But now he's more concerned with being a YouTube Let's Play star.

Comics: 237
Recent Appearance: See You Online
First Appearance: Lies


The lithe female of Lisa’s kitties. She enjoys the simpler things in life, like playing WoW, taking naps and dabbling in artistic pursuits. Oh, and raking in the dough from her and Bink's YouTube channel.

Comics: 224
Recent Appearance: See You Online
First Appearance: Kitty aggro


Lisa’s live-in boyfriend. He’s a web developer and hobbyist board game designer. He enjoys dungeon-mastering and pretending that he only likes challenging games that make you think. He and Lisa have a deal: if he plays an MMO with her, she plays a board game with him.

Comics: 149
Recent Appearance: See You Online
First Appearance: Pandering


Lisa’s boy-crazy friend from college. She started playing SIQO for a boy, but stayed to hang out with Lisa and Kendra.

Comics: 99
Recent Appearance: See You Online
First Appearance: Lies


Lisa’s aloof and beautiful coworker. She plays a fictional space MMORPG, Super Infinite Online, with Lisa and Jenny.

Comics: 95
Recent Appearance: See You Online
First Appearance: Girl Crush


Chloe and Bink's highly intelligent self-cleaning litter box.

Comics: 46
Recent Appearance: Race to Max Level
First Appearance: WHRRR


Jenny's new boyfriend! He's a hardcore SIQO player.

Comics: 23
Recent Appearance: Pirate Role Play
First Appearance: Star Crossed

Granny Leet

Lisa's tech savvy grandmother. She just wants to be taken seriously.

Comics: 15
Recent Appearance: MMO Social Advice
First Appearance: One Other Person


Works the front desk at Lisa’s office. Has a mad crush on Kendra.

Comics: 8
Recent Appearance: Blissful Solitude
First Appearance: Hopefully