I wasn’t sure I’d see the Warcraft movie. The reviews were grim, and I’ve never been a huge Warcraft lore person. But a friend and guildie wanted to see it, so I figured, why not? Here are my brief spoiler-free thoughts about it.


 Good stuff:

  •  The orcs are cooler than I thought. When I saw the trailers, I was turned off by the obvious CGI everywhere. But close up, they looked great, felt real, and had some interesting stories.
  •  Garona has a really satisfying storyline. She’s caught in the middle of the factions, so she’s always right at the heart of conflict. I didn’t expect to like her as much as I did.
  •  The WoW player in me loved seeing magic users conjuring spells. I’m inspired to start a mage now.
  •  It was cool to see Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga, both of whom are doing great work in the Preacher.


Bad stuff:

  • The main character, Lothar, fell flat for me. I don’t blame the actor. I think they just packed too much into his storyline in too short a time for him to be believable. The whole movie squeezed so much in with all its characters, and he suffered the most for it. I think this would have been a more compelling film, and Lothar a stronger character, if the script focused on just a couple of key players.
  • The movie highlighted how dull I find the Stormwind humans. There’s a handsome king with a beautiful wife and children, and everyone likes them? *yawn* Game of Thrones and Tudor history has gotten me accustomed to high drama in my fictional patriarchal monarchies. There must be more human monarch drama somewhere in the expanded Warcraft universe, right? I’m not advocating that the movie should insert more conflict there – as I said, its biggest failing is that it tries to do too much. It’s just that I’ve always preferred Ironforge to Stormwind, and this movie reminded me why.

Final thoughts:

I think WoW players will enjoy the Warcraft movie. I wouldn’t recommend it to non-WoW players, unless the trailers really interest them. I missed a lot of easter eggs, so I already want to see it again when its out of theaters.

Have you see the Warcraft movie? What did you think?