I’m trying something different this summer!

I’m going to post a new style of comic every Wednesday and Friday. I’m not publishing it on an entirely different website right now, because it’s about video games and I think will still appeal to the NPC Comic audience. It’s actually a lot like these one-off comics I posted in the fall of 2015. But the style is sketchy and cartoony, and it won’t star the NPC Comic characters. For now, I’m calling this experiment Not Particularly Canon.
We’ll still follow the stories of Lisa, Kendra, Jenny, Mike, and the cats on Mondays. I have more stories written for them that I’m excited to get to. 😀

At the end of the summer I’ll take a look at how this experiment is going and decide if I should continue as is, move the new comics to their own website, or make 3D comics since we’ll all be wearing VR headsets 24/7 by then.


Every month this summer I’m making a digital pack of avatars for you. I’ll put them up on my Gumroad store as a pay-what-you-wish purchase. And they’ll be free for that month to Patreon supporters of all reward tiers.

I hope you enjoy the new comics!