I hadn’t done screencaps in a while because ever since my 2008 MacPro died last year, I’ve been comicking on my Macbook air, which can’t really handle screencapping without making drawing in Photoshop as slow as gravy. The thick kind of gravy, with lots of cornstarch added. You know the kind.

But I got a new computer! So the screencapping is happening. All the time. Always be screencapping is new motto. Soon to come: A screencap of me doing all the boring behind the scenes stuff, like scheduling a comic post. Or posting the comic to iOS app Comic Chameleon. Or tweeting. Who knows – maybe I’ll release a¬†screencap of me writing this very blog post and your minds will be BLOWN.

But I probably won’t, because that would be really boring. In the meantime, enjoy this NOT boring video of me drawing the comics from 06/30, 07/02, and 07/04, sped up to an efficient 5 minutes.