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This week I’m making the sketches and advance comics I post on the NPC Comic Patreon page available to everyone!  So check out the Patreon page and see if it’s something you’d consider joining in on.

Want to read the comics for Wednesday and Friday, RIGHT NOW? Welp, you can. Usually this kind of time travel is reserved for the very fancy $3 and up monthly patrons.


Time travel goes both ways. So I went back in time and made some sketches from previous comics available to the public. I drew a lot of the comics this year on REAL PAPER with REAL PENCILS, and I wanted to share that with all of you. Check out the Patreon Activity Feed, or jump right to these direct links to sketches I’ve made public:

Sketch for comic from 2014-05-19

Sketch for comic from 2014-05-14 

Sketch for comic from 2014-04-09

Sketch for comic from 2014-06-16

And hey, patrons? You are AMAZING. Thank you so much for your support. I screencapped the making of some of the latest comics, so I can’t wait to share those videos with you. If there’s anything you can think of that would make Patreon a more rewarding experience for you, I’d love to hear your suggestions.