Good news – you can buy prints of whatever NPC Comic you want!

Some of my long time readers may recall that this was once an option. I used to handle print orders myself. I’d print the comics out on my fancy large format printer, package them, and ship them off. After a year of doing that, I realized the cost of inkjet printer ink was so high that I was only making about a $1 profit for my 30 minutes of time it took to process each order. So I stopped offering the prints.

But now David Michael, who’s been handling NPC goods on the Slashloot store, has stepped up to the plate. Thanks to him, the prints will now be bigger and better than ever.

So peruse the archive and hit that “buy print” button when you land on a comic you’d love to hang on your wall. And don’t forget – Patreon patrons who contribute $5 or more get a high res, print-ready file of any comic they want, every month.