A few weeks ago I wrote up a post about how I started playing Magic. Now I’m going to tell you how I play it now: at work!

Not, you know, during times I should be working. We play during lunch or at the end of the day or if there’s some precious down time here and there.

Have I told you I work with my boyfriend? John started working with me last year. Soon after he started, he realized two things: 1) our hours prohibited him from going to the store to play Magic as often as he’d like. 2) there are a lot of geeky gamers at our job!

So he proposed we start a work league, and 6 of us signed up. Here’s how we do it.

For each block that Wizards releases, we get 12 packs. We get 6 packs right away, and one pack every week for 6 weeks. That first week we make a 40 card deck from the first 6 packs. Then we can modify it based on our new packs or trades during the following weeks. Some of us make multiple decks, and we often change our decks completely once we see how we’re doing.

We started with the M14 set. For the next set, Theros, we made the rule that we’d only play with the Theros cards. But when our 6 weeks were up, we made 60-card standard decks from both our M14 and Theros pools and played with those until Born of The Gods came out in February.

Born of the Gods is a support set, so we decided to do what the stores were doing – couple it with the previous set, Theros. We still get 12 new packs, but we can construct our decks with any of the new Born of the Gods cards and our old Theros cards.

We have a simple spreadsheet where we keep track of how many games we win and lose, and a score that indicates how well we’re doing. We don’t have prizes other than bragging rights. I currently have the highest score. 😀 I might not hang on to it though – the second place is really close, and his white heroic aggro deck is the only one that’s beat my black blue Gary deck.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 3.54.20 PM