Happy 2014! The new year seemed like a good time to upgrade the back end of npccomic.com, so that’s what I did this weekend. I migrated from using an unsupported system from 2009 (Comicpress 2.8) to using a new system (Comic Easel) that gets active support from Philip Hofer, aka Frumph. Big thanks to him for making this available.

You may not notice many differences. If you see anything funny, please let me know. The archive is one long list of comics right now, but as I go through and put each one in a chapter, you’ll see the archive get a fancy level of organization that I hope will help you find your favorite NPC stories.

Some of you long time readers may recall the random button in the navigation. It’s back! Click on that question mark under the comic and be whisked away to whichever NPC strip the random number generator sees fit.

Since the link structure to the comics changed, the Facebook likes got wiped. So feel free to hit the “like” button under the comic as you explore the 630+ strips. The good news though is that old links to particular comics should auto redirect.