Twitter was abuzz recently about a relatively new art drawing program called Mischief. I downloaded the trial and inked this comic in it. Here’s a screencapture!



The beauty of Mischief is that it has great vector line quality. The canvas can zoom in infinitely and because it’s vector, you don’t have to worry about how big your document is.

While I really like the line quality, I’m not sure I’ll buy this unless they implement some more tools. As it exists now, I can really just sketch and ink the comic. There’s no paint bucket, making coloring tedious. And I don’t even want to sketch the comic in it, since during my sketching process I also lay out the type. There’s no type tool in Mischief. Another hang up I have is that there’s no visual indication of the size of the brush you’re using, except in the brush panel. In Photoshop, unless you have caps lock on, your brush cursor is indicated by a circle that is the same size as the brush you’re using. Hit a keystroke to change the size and you get instant feedback. Oh, that looks TOO big. Smaller. Ok. That should be right. Now I can start drawing with my perfectly sized brush. Not so in Mischief.

But the line quality is reeeeeaaally nice. So I’ll be checking in periodically to see what’s new with it.