Remember this storyline?

As you may know, Chloe and Bink have to assist each other to play World of Warcraft, which isn’t very convenient when they aren’t getting along, or one of them refuses to play. Last year, Chloe got so desperate that she tried some bogus mail-order potion that claimed to make her kitty paws just as dexterous as a human’s. The stuff wasn’t just ineffective – it caused her to sprout wings!

I came across this doodle while going through an old sketchbook.

I came across this doodle while going through an old sketchbook.


If you read through it, you’ll see that it didn’t go as I envisioned in this doodle. Apparently during the writing process I dreamed up that instead of her landing on the Statue of Liberty, she’d fall into the infamous Gowanus Canal.

When I first moved to NYC, I lived about a 15 minute walk from an industrial neighborhood with a smelly canal running through it. The Gowanus. I still live pretty close. I walked over it in the dark at the end of 4 hour hike home from Manhattan during the 2003 blackout. I walk over it now every two weeks to get vegetables at a farm share.
Nothing has reached out from the poison canal to grab me. But I can’t help but look at the greenish water with a sense of foreboding. I heard that a man once fell in and died hours later from the poison he accidentally ingested while swimming out. Earlier this year, a dolphin wandered into it and suffered the same fate. It’s a Superfund site, which basically means that the federal government has deemed it toxic enough to warrant spending millions on fixing it – if that’s even possible.


As horrible as the Gowanus canal is, it makes for great inspiration for stories of mutants and monsters.