Happy 4th of July! I’m on a train to Massachusetts to spend the long weekend with my boyfriend’s family. Wifi in transit is one of those modern miracles, and I can already feel myself taking it for granted.


So do you know about Nerdtacular? It’s this cool fan event/convention put on by Scott Johnson of Frogpants, and it’s happening this weekend in Utah. Some of you may be going! And to you fortunate few, I’d like to say – there will be NPC Comic prints there! For buying! That’s what I’m told. I’d really appreciate if you could snap some pics of my prints at this cool event, and I’d REALLY appreciate it if you bought one or two.


Not going to Nerdtacular? It’s ok, I’m not either, so we can be sad together. But the good news is you can buy the prints, and even a shirt, on the SlashLoot site.


Also! There’s another New To You podcast up, and we talk about Magic The Gathering in it! We also have our first guest and talk about Jesus’s Son. It’s part one of our “Seminal Works” show. Listen here.