I’m so excited to bring you this new NPC Comic shirt, featuring one of your favorite blue kitties right where she belongs – on your laptop, of course!
This is sold exclusively on Slash Loot, Scott Johnson’s high quality on-demand store. The great thing about going through Slash Loot is you have options. Ladies, don’t want a boxy unisex shirt? No problem. Get a flattering shirt fitted for lady curves. Parents, want to outfit your kids in the latest geekery? They have sizes for them too!

If you want to look awesome and support the comic, go get your shirt now, right HERE.


Also! I did a guest comic for Weregeek! Do you read Weregeek? It’s a great tabletop-gaming centric comic that you should obviously check out if you haven’t already. I’m so honored for the opportunity to do a guest comic for it! The above image is a preview – read the full thing here!