Hi everyone! I’m drawing back on the NPC Comic posting schedule a bit. For the time being, I’ll be posting the comics at least once a week, on Mondays. The previous twice-a-week schedule is just proving too much for me to juggle along with work. I may do some quickie comics that I post later in the week some weeks, and my hope is that this new schedule will free me up to get back to continuing to explore and improve. I’ll also be posting more here in the blog – sketches, behind-the-scenes videos, thoughts on games, and other random geekery. You can always follow my twitter, the NPC Facebook Page, my Tumblr, or my Google+ if you want to be reminded that there’s something new here!

Here’s some random geekery sketches now! I’ve been super excited for the return of Game of Thrones on HBO, so I did some sketches. My favorite character, Arya Stark, and everyone’s least favorite, Joffrey!