I’m not sure how I missed this. The dev of one of my favorite iOS games, the retro-style arcade game Forget-Me-Not, released free versions for PC and Mac last summer. Those who aren’t joined at the hip to an Apple iDevice can enjoy the charm and elegance of this wonderful game. GO GET IT! I love this game on the iPad, and that’s where all the updates are at, but the controls are probably even better suited for the PC. And by PC I mean Personal Computer, be it Windows or Mac. I’d really like to make that the mainstream meaning for PC…. But I digress!

A few tips – check out the readme in the folder. The controls are intuitive, but you’ll probably want to bring up the options and take the game to fullscreen so it isn’t tiny. Press ‘o’ to bring up the options, then change ‘windowed’ to ‘fullscreen’ using the arrow keys, then navigate to save and hit enter.

And for the iOS crowd, there was an update on Dec. 20. It’s got the new stuff from the pc/mac versions, new modes, new enemies, and iCade support. I don’t have an iCade. Do you?