You know what? I haven’t been posting in the blog here enough. I think because I have a grandiose idea of what a blog post here on the site should be, and I also wrongly assume that everyone sees everything I post on Twitter or Google+ or Facebook. And by the way, if you’re wondering about sketch sneak peaks, I’ve been posting them in those places. They seem like the appropriate venues for quick and frequent posts of that nature.

I shared this earlier today on Google+ and realized, hey, what’s wrong with posting this here. Could stir up a lot of conversation, or not, and more people will see it.

I’d like to turn your attention to this review of Diablo III.

I met Keith Burgun, a game designer and the writer of the review, at Diplocon earlier this year. He has a take on modern video games that I find refreshing. I should write more about it at some point. His take on Diablo III will probably inflame loads of folks, (spoiler warning: he hates it!) but I think it’s important to challenge our views. While I don’t agree with all his points all the time, I have to admit that I find myself relating to a lot of them. Specifically, I’m kinda over grinding and clicking and going through the motions.

If you’re interested in where Keith is coming from, check out the Dinofarm “About” section, which outlines his philosophy on games.

I’ll probably still try Diablo III. I never played the first two! Crazy, right? I’m certainly old enough to have.