My friend Jon posted this over on Google+ (circle me up!) and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you guys. I wonder what Bink would think about Kittywood Studios! Would he demand a job there? Start up a competing company and ruthlessly take them down?

EDIT: It looks like this here Joe Nicolosi is the creator.

Also! You know that Chloe bitizen I made in Tiny Tower? Well I just discovered their bitbuilder, in which you can make customized bitizens! I made the best Chloe I could with it, but I prefer the one I made from scratch. The Bit Builder has some great costumes, including a cat one, but you can’t change the color of it. I’m still not playing the game anymore, but I can’t resist news pertaining to the art. It’s just so darn charming. (If you don’t believe that I’m not playing, friend me on Game Center – I topped out at 30 floors a few weeks ago. ID is Tototito.)

Bit Builder on left, from scratch on right