Counting Cupcakes

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  1. My husband knows better than to do this to me – I was in the war, and when startled awake I tend to get…tetchy.

  2. DPS that cupcake! Rawr!

  3. *Gasp* it was lisa!!!! the cupcake killer!

  4. Yes… just go to sleep, there will be cupcakes tonight…

  5. love the cupcakes

  6. My boyfriend does that ALL THE TIME! I get ready for bed, start to fall asleep, and he finally comes in and wakes me up, then he falls asleep, starts snoring, and keeps me awake! ARGGGGHHHHHHH!

    Then I poke him until he rolls over and stops snoring. The poking will continue until morale improves!

    • “The poking will continue until morale improves!”

      I’m sure your boyfriend would love to say the same to you!

  7. I dont’ know what a DPS is… Am I still allowed here, or will I be driven out of town by an angry horde?

    • You’re allowed! No angry hordes!

      DPS is damage per second. It’s a measure of how well damage-dealing classes in World of Warcraft are performing. Sometimes it gets unreasonably competitive. Damage-dealers always want to be at the top of the DPS meters. Especially Lisa. :D

      • Thank you. I played WoW a few times, but never really became a “player”. Something about the concept of purchasing a game and then paying a monthly fee to play it puts me off a little.

        • Unless you can say you don’t pay for satellite/cable, cell phone, telephone, internet, gas for your car, or netflix, it’s hard to make that argument. :)

          $15.00 a month for the amount of updates and new content that Blizzard provides is a pretty good deal, considering going to the movies once a month almost costs that much now (and much more, if you buy popcorn/drinks)

      • “Sometimes it gets unreasonably competitive.”

        Arguably an understatement. :)
        But I always played a healer, so I saw dps competitiveness as very much a *mixed* blessing.

  8. Lol, Mike is a bit more derp than usual lately.

  9. Remember! Snoring can be a symptom of sleep apnea, causing zombie-like behavior during the day. Consider a sleep study! This has been a public announcement from the Reduce Evil Zombie Events Networkers. (All healing classes get rate discounts; after all, they’re already REZzEN!)

    …that last pun was a bit forced. Sorry. >_>

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